Uncle Tetsu’s Cheescake in Sydney

I finally came to Uncle Tetsu on Saturday by chance even though this shop was opened months ago. One of the reason is I do not want to join the long queue of people just to buy a cheese cake worths AUD $17.99/cake (size 16cm). Luckily for me that my uncle sacrificed himself to buy the cake and 4 other sponge cakes with the price of AUD $4.99/piece. The shop is located in Town Hall on George street, very near to the EVENT cinema. You can see it so easily by the sight of a long queue of people.

The cheese cake is fine to me, not so good not so bad at all. What makes me impressed is the number of staff in the store, it looks like a factory with more than 10 employers inside. They put the glass windows for people to look inside to see how they are working.