New Year in Sydney, Australia – 2017

Welcoming the New Year in North Sydney for a better view. If you do not want to be stuck in city and struggle in finding a good spot to see fireworks, you can get yourself up and go straight to North Sydney. Even though everywhere is crowded but in here, you still have a plenty of time to find a better spot though it is far away from the central.  The Milson Park is the other side of the Harbour Bridge, opposite to the Opera House. However, be prepared that after the New Year fireworks finish, you have to walk for 3 hours to get to the Central station because there are many people there. It is like a zombies or parade (trust me) but it worths.



Saturday in La Perouse – Botany Bay National Park in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Just a runaway day for me. I visited this awesome place – La Perouse (Sydney, NSW) with one of my classmate. Just the two of us – two girls in the mid-20s got a date to explore and relax ourselves from stressful time. It worthed the time except for that was a windy day.

Instruction: You can take a train or bus to Museum station. Find the way out which directs to Liverpool street. After walking out of the station, turn right and find the stand A (with the letter “B”). After that, taking the L94 bus, it will take you directly to the final destination which is La Perouse (Botany Bay National Park). The trip is around 40 minutes per way. Bus fee is AUD$4.5/way :).

Fun fact: At that moment, I try to take the advantage of $0 public transportation after 8 trips to travel around Sydney before the government bans the free weekly travel after 8 trips, and before my industry placement in this September.

P/s: just realized how many silly grammar mistakes that I have made.


Wandering after work in Sunday

After all, I can trust noone. After so much depression at work, wandering to somewhere is a nice choice. Just been back to a place where I explored with my cousin since months ago. It is located near St Peters station (NSW, Australia). After walking out of the station at right-hand side, there is a wall with full of graffities and most of the back area is filled with street art.

Chocolate Ball 2016

I volunteered for an annual fundraising event called Chocolate Ball 2016 in Sydney Australia. This event is founded by FSHD organization (can check its information here:

After working for hours (more than 12hrs precisely) Been learning plenty of things. Been trying to step out of the comfort zone but still in a desperate step. Been seeing a world beyond the reach of my hands. Been being a middle of seeing both the beyond and the below of the middle line. Been crying inside for too dumb to see how blessed I can be. Just a whole of new experience for a big important and fabulous event. Just get a grip of myself again.

Dear Australia, please be nice to me.




Phát quà ở xã Rô Men – Lâm Đồng

Lại đi đến một địa phận khác thuộc tỉnh Lâm Đồng, một vùng núi khá xa thành phố và người dân ở đây rất nghèo. Mình đi theo đoàn Tuỳ Duyên đến giờ cũng gần 5 năm rồi, thời gian trôi lẹ thật ấy, đi rồi mới thấy à ra mình còn may mắn hơn nhiều người, vì thế phải biết quý trọng những gì mình đang có. Mà đời người mà, có khi lại không như ý muốn ấy chứ.

Thailand – September 2014

Another biz trip to Thailand and this time is also 7 days of staying there. I am happy that this crazy period has finally finished. I had been told that Vietnam and Thailand are similar from the outlook of people as well as the street and city. But they also tell me one thing that Thailand develops faster than Vietnam. I admit that it is true. Vietnam must try its best to be like Thailand, maybe 100 years after.


Hong Kong 2013

This is my second trip to somewhere outside my country.

It is also my first business trip ever 🙂 it brings me a lot of new experience.

Hong Kong is the place I always see on drama series which is quite familiar to me, some food, some places are famous to Vietnamese but having a chance to explore them is another story.

However, just wanna say, I finally make it.