Cobalt blue

It is just a coincidence that I am having 1 pair of flat shoes and 1 cross-body mini bag with the same colour – Cobalt Blue.

Maybe due to the obsession of that blue shade, I am buying them without unconsciously.  The shoes were bought in Vietnamese from a popular Vietnamese national brand named Vascara, while the bag was bought in Sydney of a Australian national brand named Colette (Colette by Hayman). This evening, after tidy up my messy room, I took out the new possessed bag and then I saw that pair of shoes, an idea popped in my head and I put them together. From that, I realized how good they are together. Another special part about this is they also share the similar design as you can see in the picture. That is what makes them look like a set. ❤

cobalt blue


New Year in Sydney, Australia – 2017

Welcoming the New Year in North Sydney for a better view. If you do not want to be stuck in city and struggle in finding a good spot to see fireworks, you can get yourself up and go straight to North Sydney. Even though everywhere is crowded but in here, you still have a plenty of time to find a better spot though it is far away from the central.  The Milson Park is the other side of the Harbour Bridge, opposite to the Opera House. However, be prepared that after the New Year fireworks finish, you have to walk for 3 hours to get to the Central station because there are many people there. It is like a zombies or parade (trust me) but it worths.


Hellenic Gelato & Bakery

Name of the store: Hellenic Bakery & Cakes

Address: 371 Illawara Rd, NSW 2204 (near Marrickville Station)


I find a good store near Marrickville station which I think I can visit for a several times in the near future. Honestly, the taste of cakes are not as delicious as others but I like how the staff there greeted me. They are family business so that is why they have a nice and kind way to greet people, the way they look and welcome me make me feel like I am home. You know, I love to see old woman who looks like my grandmother :”)



Chocolate Ball 2016

I volunteered for an annual fundraising event called Chocolate Ball 2016 in Sydney Australia. This event is founded by FSHD organization (can check its information here:

After working for hours (more than 12hrs precisely) Been learning plenty of things. Been trying to step out of the comfort zone but still in a desperate step. Been seeing a world beyond the reach of my hands. Been being a middle of seeing both the beyond and the below of the middle line. Been crying inside for too dumb to see how blessed I can be. Just a whole of new experience for a big important and fabulous event. Just get a grip of myself again.

Dear Australia, please be nice to me.



My graduation – Lễ tốt nghiệp

Finally, I can make it, thanks to my family and my friends who support me through hard time.

Uhm,cuối cùng cũng có một buổi lễ tốt nghiệp để làm kỷ niệm với gia đình & bạn bè.Cảm ơn bố mẹ đã dốc lòng vì con 🙂 có mẹ ở bên cạnh con từng giờ từng phút từng giây trong những lúc quan trọng nhất của cuộc đời,có bố ở bên ủng hộ con và có bạn bè đã ở bên chung vui :”)