The Creperie in the middle of the Rock, Sydney

A rare day off, after a tour of exploring Cockatoo island, me and my friend came back to the Rock- a popular spot for tourism in Sydney for a light lunch. The Creperie is our choice which I knew this by accident. The store belonged to the 5-star hotel M Gallery by Sofitel, it is located in a subtle corner of the Rock. If you never walk by, you never know there is an existence of a hotel (of course unless you already read some information regarding the place and hotel’s whereabouts).

The Creperie got a friendly and French-influenced atmosphere when you walk in. Or if you know Sofitel brand, you can tell that the place is very signature. Why? Sofitel brand is built based on the French culture. The menu lets guests have options of Savoury (Galette) and Sweet (Crepe) which is very convenient and considerate. It does not have that many options though.





The place offers both coffee & food service which is quite normal for the business. However, as a coffee lover (not an expert though), I have to stay that please do not expect too much about the function of the coffee bean, it is not strong to keep you awake for long. But the flavour is still good to enjoy the conversation. We chose to order one savoury and one sweet crepes to try. I expected them to look more attractive but the result is opposite. The savoury one is okay, the sweet one is quite plain. Despite all of that, the taste saves the look. They are yummy and very full for a “light lunch”. And to me, I think the price is not high for a tourism spot and I can say it is affordable.

Another plus for this place is about the interior decoration. It gives away the warm feelings and friendly atmosphere, it can be a place for small group of friend meeting or a chit-chat time of old friends. Also, it allows you a chance to see the M Gallery by Sofitel next door.

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Paleteria – Snack time

I am not a fan of gelato but this is my second post about ice-cream/gelato :)) so strange, is it?

Just one day without work and assignment, I went out with my roommate and we shared this ice-cream together. You can find them near Myer’s entrance (Sydney CBD) or at the intersection of Town Hall station on the way to Myer. The price is reasonable to me when you can have 3 choices of toppings & dark chocolate or white chocolate for covering to increase the flavour and have interesting experience.

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Greek’s Gelato in Sydney

One lazy night, I asked my friend out with me to have dinner and try a random dessert. After random finds on the Zomato app, I found this small shop in corner of Victoria street.

PAGOTO gelato & waffle house.

Address:  301 Victoria Road, Marrickville, New South Wales 





The shop is small and they setup a small table along the wall with high chairs. Only 2 low tables in front of the shop, most of customers buy takeaway ice-cream or waffles. I decided to try waffle with ice-cream even though I am not a fan of ice-cream 🙂

Waffle with honey and peanut and banana with Passion fruit gelato

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheescake in Sydney

I finally came to Uncle Tetsu on Saturday by chance even though this shop was opened months ago. One of the reason is I do not want to join the long queue of people just to buy a cheese cake worths AUD $17.99/cake (size 16cm). Luckily for me that my uncle sacrificed himself to buy the cake and 4 other sponge cakes with the price of AUD $4.99/piece. The shop is located in Town Hall on George street, very near to the EVENT cinema. You can see it so easily by the sight of a long queue of people.

The cheese cake is fine to me, not so good not so bad at all. What makes me impressed is the number of staff in the store, it looks like a factory with more than 10 employers inside. They put the glass windows for people to look inside to see how they are working.



Hellenic Gelato & Bakery

Name of the store: Hellenic Bakery & Cakes

Address: 371 Illawara Rd, NSW 2204 (near Marrickville Station)


I find a good store near Marrickville station which I think I can visit for a several times in the near future. Honestly, the taste of cakes are not as delicious as others but I like how the staff there greeted me. They are family business so that is why they have a nice and kind way to greet people, the way they look and welcome me make me feel like I am home. You know, I love to see old woman who looks like my grandmother :”)