Saturday in La Perouse – Botany Bay National Park in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Just a runaway day for me. I visited this awesome place – La Perouse (Sydney, NSW) with one of my classmate. Just the two of us – two girls in the mid-20s got a date to explore and relax ourselves from stressful time. It worthed the time except for that was a windy day.

Instruction: You can take a train or bus to Museum station. Find the way out which directs to Liverpool street. After walking out of the station, turn right and find the stand A (with the letter “B”). After that, taking the L94 bus, it will take you directly to the final destination which is La Perouse (Botany Bay National Park). The trip is around 40 minutes per way. Bus fee is AUD$4.5/way :).

Fun fact: At that moment, I try to take the advantage of $0 public transportation after 8 trips to travel around Sydney before the government bans the free weekly travel after 8 trips, and before my industry placement in this September.

P/s: just realized how many silly grammar mistakes that I have made.



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